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Our Weekly Blog where nothing is off limits

5th Feb 2014
Our Weekly Blog where nothing is off limits

Welcome to our weekly blog, it was our only New Year’s resolution to blog weekly (despite the fact our first one of the year is in February) so here it is! 

I have always got loads to talk about, could talk the hind leg of a donkey until it comes to writing a blog but luckily for me (and you) there has been some interesting news recently so I wanted to give you my take on a couple of things.

Philip Hammond (Defence Sec) was interviewed on BBC1 last at the premises of AgustaWestland talking about some large contracts the Government have awarded them.  He went on to talk about the new Central Government Procurement team and the fact they’ll be recruiting a lot of talented procurement people into it over the course of this year. I’m sure you’ll remember the government explored privatising the Government Procurement department but couldn’t find a private partner interested. Philip Hammond denied the fact they were looking at privatising it – he said it was more of a public/private partnership.

That got me thinking about the horror stories we have heard about government procurement activities, some of the things that they have sanctioned have been criminal, the millennium dome or any number of defence related projects for example. The good news is that they look to be reforming and I see the new Central Government Procurement team as a real positive but who is in charge of making sure that they deliver true bottom line results? I don’t know the answer but I believe the solution to make sure the partnership works is to bring in someone with a private sector pedigree to direct the function, in my opinion the private sector has a much better handle on controlling spend (they have to) so I would love to see a CPO with solid blue chip experience installed with complete control.

We would love to be involved in helping them grow that team and represent some fantastic talent so if you’re reading this David Cameron please get in touch!

A recent survey by science warehouse has shown a surge in procurement optimism hopefully mirroring the upturn in the economy, our experience over the last 3.5 years compliments that and we have seen procurement & Supply Chain functions really positively impact global organisations – there has obviously been a cost down culture over the economic slump but with sun coming from behind the clouds the best procurement functions will be ready to capitalise. Expect 2014 to be the year of investment in people and systems within the Supply Chain!

Finally our good friends at Linde-HTD are in the final stages of closing down their heavy truck plant in Merthyr Tydfil, we have built a close relationship with them over the last few years and have seen a truly great team perform a remarkable turn around in their Supply Chain – we wish them all the best in their next pursuits. If you are reading this and are looking at transforming an under performing Supply Chain please get in touch and I will happily pass on their details.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to comment, banter or discuss any of the above feel free to give me a call. See you at the same time next week.  


Redimo - A local business with global reach. 

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